Empowered women, Empower women

Ten years ago, our founder Emily Green came to Peru to pursue her dream of starting a business. Grateful for the opportunities she created for herself, she consciously operates Emilime as a means to make opportunities for other hard-working women.

As we focus on women’s empowerment this month, Emily shared her personal journey of becoming an empowered business woman and the ways in which she empowers others.

When you imagine an empowered woman, what do you see?

I envision a woman who is not afraid of speaking her mind and taking risks. She finds happiness and pride in her work and is able to balance that with personal life.

Tell us a little bit about your own personal path of empowerment?

I took a really big risk moving to a foreign country where I didn’t know anyone and investing all my savings into a business I knew little about. I didn’t have the skills needed to be able to run the business when I started, but I taught myself everything and learned a lot of hard lessons. Through these experiences, I have become really confident in my abilities and I also know where I am lacking. Knowing yourself this well allows you to make smart decisions on how you spend your time and how you choose to grow the business.

How has Emilime allowed you to continue empowering yourself?

It has allowed me to continue learning new things and honing certain skills that I have. Above all it gives me flexibility, which allows me to work on certain projects when I feel most inspired and enjoy other things in life whenever the opportunity presents itself.

In which ways does Emilime empower other women’s lives?

Just as Emilime has allowed me to have flexibility while making an income for myself. I think we also provide the same for the artisans that we work with. They are able to choose when and where they want to knit and how many pieces they want to take on. They can knit a few hours in the morning, then pick their kids up from school for lunch, and finish knitting in the afternoon. There are women who have small shops and knit while they have a slow moment, and we even have a woman who collects bus fare and knits between stops. If they need time off, they can take it. If they want more work, that is available to them as well. There are very few jobs that allow for such freedom for this community of women. I think most of the women that knit for Emilime truly love it.

We also sell to some amazing stores that want to support ethical businesses. Most of the stores are independent boutiques that are run by women who are fulfilling their dream of running their own business. I am happy that we have such a strong chain of ladies from our knitters, Emilime staff, retail partners, and our end customer!



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