1. To bring together into one group, collection, or place;
2.To bring together or assemble from various places, sources, or people; collect gradually;
3. To unite or cause to unite;
4. Draw and hold together by running thread through it.

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Incredible Women- Meet the Mom’s who Inspire Us

We are proud to be part of an amazing community filled with entrepreneurial mamas! We are also even prouder to see these Limeña ladies doing some insane multitasking. Almost all of them take care of their kids and knit, but a lot even knit while doing another side hustle. READ MORE

Emilime at Peru Moda 2018

We have participated in a lot of trade shows throughout the last nine years, and have been able to meet so many of our favorite customers that carry our line as well as other amazing ethical brands. Rarely do we get to be on the other side of aisle, being a buyer and a scouter!


Empowered women, Empower women

Ten years ago, our founder Emily Green came to Peru to pursue her dream of starting a business. Grateful for the opportunities she created for herself, she consciously operates Emilime as a means to make opportunities for other hard-working women.

As we focus on women’s empowerment this month, Emily shared her personal journey of becoming an empowered business woman and the ways in which she empowers others.


Friends of Emilime: Hanging with Monkeys on Board

Tribe. Squad. So many words have become trendy hashtags as of late to describe a bond between women so tight that it mimics sisterhood. So when that close relationship of “your problems are my problems” and “your sweater is my sweater” is shared between two actual sisters, it must be that much stronger, no? Michelle and Elaine are two sisters who share it all: clothes, travels, concern for animal welfare, a near insatiable craving for bananas, and an adventure blog called “Monkeys on Board.” 



How to Hygge, a Cozy Concept Made in Denmark

Meet Mette and Mette.

Mette Dahm and Mette Wismann, collectively known as the Viking Moms, are the Danish co-authors of a soon-to-be launched parenting book, Become a Viking Mom! Providing an insightful look into how parents can cultivate a personal happiness that will radiate in their family home, the book has a lot of healthy practices that can also be applied by those of us who are single and childfree. Take, for example, the Danish concept of hygge. Denmark is home to this unique word that, despite having no direct translation, has charmed the world over in recent years.READ MORE


Recipe: Cozy Potatoes, Two Ways

‘Tis the season for feasting. Well, almost.

Holiday season is on its way and that means that menu planning for get-togethers with family and friends is on our minds. Stop with the constant scrolling through foodie bloggers’ accounts on Instagram and give these potato recipes a go! Peruvian chef María Jose Jordan has supplied us with two recipes that are vegetarian comfort food at its best. Each recipe is stated to make four servings, so don’t blame us when you fall into a food coma after polishing off each dish on your own.READ MORE

Friends of Emilime: Chef María Jose Jordan

What is an internationally recognized pastry chef from Peru doing on a small island just outside of Venice, Italy?

If that chef is María Jose Jordan, probably cooking for pleasure rather than pay. And really enjoying it.

“I’ve been cooking since forever, I would say. My grandmother cooked a lot and my father does too. Just being in the kitchen with them I picked up an interest for cooking. And now I can’t stop, I cook everyday.”READ MORE

team Emilime

Healthy Habits Presented to Artisans by Peruvian Non-Profit Meraki

On the first weekend of October, we decided to visit some of our artisan partners who live and work in Puente Piedra, one of Lima’s 43 districts. For this edition of our Community Partnership Program, the Emilime team was accompanied by Fabrizio Crudo, co-founder of local non-profit Meraki.

Taking its name from the Greek word that implies the importance of doing whatever you do with soul and meaning, Meraki is comprised of medical professionals who aim to mitigate the effect of natural disasters on impoverished communities in Peru. READ MORE


Get a Sense of Lima, with Marianne Majluf

Fashionable, yes, but it’s clear to see upon meeting Marianne Majluf that the art and lifestyle blogger is anything but your typical social media figure. Daughter to local visual artist Nani Cárdenas, the young student and Lima native lives and breathes a passion for the arts. We were struck by her bright and curious eyes, held high thanks to impeccable posture developed from years of ballet and contemporary dance (perhaps also playing culprit to the joyful bounce she had as we walked around the Emilime neighborhood). Marianne calls the bohemian district of Barranco home, which is quite appropriate for someone who loves not only going to galleries but who can also appreciate a quiet moment in front of the sea.


Cultivating Balance in Austin, Texas

“Yoga doesn’t meet all of our needs,” admits Amanda Green.

This is a bit surprising to hear, considering that Amanda is a yoga therapist with over 2,000 hours of teaching experience and more than 1,200 hours of training. But just like a yoga pose made difficult for a beginner, the young yogi has come to find that it’s all about balance. And this includes being open to modern technology in order to spread her knowledge of the ancient practice and to offer mentoring as well as private classes.