1. To bring together into one group, collection, or place;
2.To bring together or assemble from various places, sources, or people; collect gradually;
3. To unite or cause to unite;
4. Draw and hold together by running thread through it.

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Cultivating Balance in Austin, Texas

“Yoga doesn’t meet all of our needs,” admits Amanda Green.

This is a bit surprising to hear, considering that Amanda is a yoga therapist with over 2,000 hours of teaching experience and more than 1,200 hours of training. But just like a yoga pose made difficult for a beginner, the young yogi has come to find that it’s all about balance. And this includes being open to modern technology in order to spread her knowledge of the ancient practice and to offer mentoring as well as private classes.



Checking in with Claudio Sullas, Head of Quality Control

The day I interviewed Claudio Sullas, Head of Quality Control for Emilime, he had spent all morning traveling around Lima, going from one artisan workshop to another. Peru’s capital city is so sprawled out and the workshops (or talleres, as they’re called in Spanish) in seemingly every direction possible, that he can only go to a few, sometimes one, a day.READ MORE

4 Things to Know About the Total Solar Eclipse

When was the last time a Monday was this popular? This August 21, a total solar eclipse will take place and, from the way media (and friends, family and cashiers at the grocery store) have been talking, it seems the whole world will be watching. You probably have a lot of questions circling the celestial show such as, When will Krispy Kreme be unveiling their limited edition eclipse donuts? and, Where can I see Bonnie Tyler belting out “Total Eclipse of The Heart” like it’s 1983?  There’s a few other factors concerning the total solar eclipse that we should address first however…


Friends of Emilime: Travel with SA Expeditions

Traveling through South America has long been a backpacker’s paradise, with diverse ecological systems, a typically favorable exchange rate, and friendly locals eager to share their culture with outsiders. And while these features have remained, our concept of traveling south of the border has changed immensely over time and travel companies staying on top of their game are taking note. SA Expeditions is a travel company that specializes in custom trips for the modern traveler: someone who, regardless of age, enjoys comfort yet wants to experience a foreign land and culture through the perspective of a local in a sustainable manner.READ MORE


Why August is the Beginning of Something New

By Emily Green, Founder and Creative Director of Emilime

August has always been a month of exciting new beginnings, like turning to a blank page in a sketch journal. Growing up, I loved those last days of summer and dreaming of what was to come in the new school year. Flash forward and I have a similar feeling with Emilime, albeit without the days off to just dream.


Handmade and Machine Knit: A Collaborative Process

If a manual knitting machine is used, can the garment still be considered handmade?

Much like the philosophical riddle concerning the fallen tree in a deserted forest, it’s all a matter of observation and perception. That is, one must observe the hard work and attention to detail that goes into using a manual knitting machine in order to properly perceive just how handmade the end product is.


Get a Sense of Austin, with Johanna Robinson

Austin, capital of The Lone Star State, is hot – in more than one sense! Live music, great outdoor adventures, hip entrepreneurs and the southern charm to make you feel alright, alright, alright (said in Matthew McConaughey’s drawl). Luckily Emilime has friends in cool places with the tips to help you enjoy (and survive) the sweltering summer Texas is known for. READ MORE

Friends of Emilime: Food Tours with Lima Gourmet Company

Ranked the top food and drink tour in Lima for as many years as its been operating, you’d think the founders of Lima Gourmet Company (LGC) would be big proponents of organized tours.

“Actually, we both hate organized tours,” admits Samantha Lewis, co-founder of LGC. Along with her Peruvian (a Limeño, to be exact) husband Lucas Montes de Oca, the Kansas City native has successfully modeled a business off of their combined experience as international travelers as well as avoiding all things that normally turn them off from standard city tours.READ MORE

Get A Sense of Portland, with Adrienne Chaillé

When someone has lived in and traveled to 27 different countries yet still chooses their hometown to settle down in, you know there must be something special about that place. Since 2013, Adrienne Chaillé has been Emilime’s Director of Marketing, Boutique Sales and Community Development, though she recently relocated back to her native Portland, Oregon after having lived in Peru’s capital for five years. Let her take you on sensory tour of the City of Roses, complete with a recommendation of where to feast on ceviche in the Pacific Northwest. You can take a girl out of Lima, but you can’t take away her high expectations for Peru’s star dish.READ MORE

Under One [New] Moon

Hey girl, what’s your sign?

All cheesy pick up lines aside, many of us are more than familiar with our astrological sign as we avidly look for our daily horoscope each morning in hopes of seeing a positive forecast (fingers crossed for my bank account making it rain). But beyond a pleasurable quickie, how in tune are you with astral movements and their supposed significance for us earthlings down here? Do you really believe in those things, or do you just want to know if today’s the day you’ll meet the love of your life?   READ MORE