Community Partnerships


Emilime empowers a network of artisan partners both as creative contributors and as business leaders. The artisan entrepreneurs we work with coordinate groups of knitters in their communities, mostly women, who make each product and use knitting as supplementary income.


We believe in investing in long-term relationships, innovation and education in the places we work to support thriving individuals.



We are dedicated to mentoring our partners throughout the entire process, from design to product development to production and finally quality control, supporting them in the successful management of their team.


Our team’s shared goal is to not only strengthen the supply chain and provide the highest level of customer satisfaction, but also to play a supportive role as these leaders generate economic, human and community development. To reach this goal, Emilime offers mentorship to our network in business development and collaborative design, covering issues related to finance, human resources, market investigation, trends, and communication. Our office is a dynamic laboratory where artisans of different mediums and from different regions have the opportunity to explore and collaborate with their peers, formalize their business, and develop lasting relationships.



Ancient ruins rest in residential neighborhoods; a chef opens a modern new restaurant as part of a culinary revolution; solemn religious ceremonies proceed that date back to the 18th century; and crowded nightclubs pulse with tropical beats. Lima’s rich history and diversity inspire our designs to have traditional techniques with a modern twist.


Our artisan leaders work with dozens of knitters throughout the city, from the coast to the desert hills that surround Lima.


We live and work in Lima, and we love it!

emilime_city_00webJunín is nestled in the Andes mountains due East of Lima. Traveling through the highlands you pass windswept hills and desert land with herds of sheep and alpaca. The desert quickly changes into cold air and icy mountains as you climb in altitude. Once you reach the plains surrounded by soaring mountains, you know you made it to Junín.


Our artisans here have family that dates back generations, and live a sustainable life of farming and craft. Artisans in Junín have been working with Emilime since the very beginning!



Bustling with pedestrians and moto-taxis, Puno is known as Peru’s capital folklõrica (folkloric capital) – its Virgen de la Candelaria parades are renowned worldwide. It is a trade hub due to Lake Titicaca that lies between Peru and Bolivia, giving it an urban and forward appearance. However its culture is deeply rooted in tradition, as our artisans here still speak Quechua (the native language of Peru) and dress in the historical and colorful garb.


Knits from Puno are respected around the country as having some of the most advanced and detailed patterns. Puno is where families have generations of knitters, creating a tight-knit and highly skilled community of craftspeople.