Our dynamic multinational team is based in our beloved Lima, Peru, and has a combined background in design, production, craft, education, business administration and community development.

Emily Green
Founder and Creative Director



Emily is Founder and Creative Director Emilime. She brings years of experience living and working in Peru and an MBA. Emily is passionate about renewable materials, the anthropology of design and product development inspired by traditional techniques. Her leadership and relationships within the textile community are the heart of our team. Emily loves to run, travel and research art and trends on Pinterest! Emily would love to learn how to knit on a manual knitting machine, and has taken some classes from one of our artisan partners.

Antonella Jordan
Production and Design Assistant


Antonella always knew she would be a fashion designer. Creativity runs in her family as her mother’s career as an interior designer inspired her to study design (as well as dabble in dance). Antonella is proud to work for Emilime, a brand that works with artisans and Peruvian materials. With her (minimal) spare time she likes to sketch designs and work on defining her own personal style. She has also been known to go many nights without sleep in order to finish reading classic English novels. Though she has been knitting and crocheting for years, this will be the first time she has worked with knitwear and is looking forward to learning more about this area of fashion.

Adrienne Chaillé
Director of Marketing, Sales and Community Development



Adrienne is the lead on boutique sales, marketing and strategic partnerships for Emilime. She also is the director of community development supporting the network of artisan leaders in Peru through Green Design Link in trainings, events and collaborations with local support agencies. Originally from Portland, Oregon Adrienne has previously worked as a social worker with families at risk for abuse and neglect and with micro-enterprise development agencies in the US and abroad. She arrived in Lima as a business consultant contracted through USAID to work with women entrepreneurs in accessing new markets. Adrienne has lived in and travelled to 27 countries and Peru is her favorite so far! She loves to read, do yoga, garden and cook with her Peruvian husband. She is hoping to take classes in finance and graphic design in the coming year.

Agnes Riviera
Marketing and Sales Assistant


Having majored in English Literature and minored in Business Administration, this is Agnes’s first time working in the textile industry. Her interest however has always been in hearing stories and relating them to a broader audience; in a sense, using shared experiences to weave people closer together. Having spent two years as editor of the largest English-language website based in Peru, Agnes is looking forward to continuing to demonstrate what Peru has to offer to a global audience by way of the written word and learning more about the ever-evolving world of social media. And, for perhaps the fifth or sixth attempt in her life, she’d really like to learn how to knit more than a scarf.

Haley Price
Digital Media Director



Haley is based in Dallas, Texas and travels to Lima regularly to develop fresh content and generate new marketing materials working alongside the Peruvian team at Green Design Link. Haley also travels to New York City to connect with clients at trade shows. Haley has been a leader in marketing for 4 years with Emilime. She is a whiz at web development, photography and graphic design – transmitting the story of Emilime products to the consumer effectively and creatively. Haley is passionate about photography and loves to travel. She hopes to learn more about user experience design and become fluent in Spanish.