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About Us:

Emilime has been partnering with artisan entrepreneurs in Peru for the past ten years. We are committed to ethical production practices and sourcing sustainable materials. Our pieces feature an exploration in texture and stitches, using primarily alpaca wool. A luxurious, soft and hypoallergenic yarn, alpaca is known as "The Fiber of the Gods."


Our journey began in 2009 when Emily, our founder, decided to move to Peru with the vision of starting her own ethical fashion business. Searching the country for inspiration, she remembered a colorful hat that she had loved from a previous trip. Emily then starting searching Peru and found a group of talented knitters in a small town, deep in the Andes. Sitting together atop plastic buckets on dirt floors, they designed and produced the first collection together. Emily has worked directly with artisan leaders to create and design each collection.



We collaborate with groups of knitters, led primarily by women leaders with extensive industry experience. These leaders guide and organize their teams in developing and producing our knitwear.  Aside from providing an income, these groups function as safe spaces for individual women, creating a time for them to gather and practice a craft they love. Our knitters tend to invest their money in their family through better education and health services. We also partner with organizations to provide additional resources to our network, such as trainings and health screenings.




Our yarn is made primarily from alpaca, sourced from small communities of farmers in the highlands of Peru. Alpacas normally roam free, except their yearly shearing, and have a low impact on their habitat. They graze on the tops of natural grasses, without pulling out the root. Alpaca fiber is super silky and soft, resistant, warm, and has little to no pilling. The yarn is also hypoallergenic because it doesn’t contain lanolin, present in wool.