Emily Green, Emilime Founder

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Emilime has been partnering with artisan entrepreneurs in Peru for the past ten years. We are committed to ethical production practices and sourcing sustainable materials. Our pieces feature exploration in texture and stitches, using primarily alpaca wool. A luxurious, soft and hypoallergenic yarn, alpaca is known as "The Fiber of the Gods.

Our journey began in 2009 when Emily, our founder, decided to move to Peru with the vision of starting her own ethical fashion business. Searching the country for inspiration, she remembered a colorful hat that she had loved from a previous trip. Emily then found a group of talented knitters in a small town, deep in the Andes. Sitting together atop plastic buckets on dirt floors, they designed and produced the first collection together. 

Our team’s shared goal is to not only strengthen the supply chain and provide the highest level of customer satisfaction, but also to play a supportive role as these leaders generate economic, human and community development. The office is a dynamic laboratory where artisans of different mediums and from different regions have the opportunity to explore and collaborate with their peers, formalize their business, and develop lasting relationships.

We collaborate with groups of knitters, led primarily by women leaders with extensive industry experience. These leaders guide and organize their teams in developing and producing our knitwear. Aside from providing an income, these groups function as safe spaces for individual women, creating a time for them to gather and practice a craft they love.

Our knitters tend to invest their money in their families through better education and health services. We also partner with organizations to provide additional resources to our networks, such as training and health screenings

We are proud to work with a bunch of badass women. These ladies are not only strong, smart, and hard-working, but they also are incredibly creative and talented. ⁠

wE partner 

with a network of artisan partners both as creative contributors and as business leaders.

we empower

women who make each product and use knitting as supplementary income.

we believe

in investing in long-term relationships, innovation and education in the places we work to support thriving individuals